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Developing an effective, fully costed Endgame Strategy requires extensive collaboration beyond just the research community. In particular, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities, health workers, and policy makers are central to informing the development of the strategy. This process of collaboration includes a wide range of formal and informal consultation activities including:

As draft recommendations come together in late 2018 and early 2019, these consultation activities are increasing and will include:

  • Evidence summaries presented for input
  • A series of qualitative consultations to discuss priorities in addressing the social determinants of health and health systems elements of RHD control
  • A Delphi process to develop consensus about technical and clinical issues
  • Document review of existing recommendations for tackling RHD in Australia
  • Feedback from stakeholders 

Chief Investigators: Professor Jonathan Carapetis AMProfessor Dawn BessarabProfessor Alex BrownMs Heather D’Antoine, Professor Nick de Klerk, Dr Dan McAullayProfessor Graeme Maguire, Associate Professor Anna RalphA/Prof Andrew Steer.

Associate Investigators: Professor David Atkinson, Ms Claire Boardman, Dr Samantha Colquhoun, A/Professor Vicki Krause, Professor Christopher Reid, Dr Thomas Snelling, Dr Stephanie Trust, Dr Gavin Wheaton, Dr Rosemary Wyber. 

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We invite partners, collaborators and institutions to join us as researchers, advocates and colleagues in this work. 

We’d love to hear suggestions of what you’d like to see prioritised in efforts to address RHD, or to provide feedback on any of our research projects. 

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Phone: (08) 6319 1648